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In 2011, I taught two narrative journalism courses at UCLA Extension. I’m not teaching at the moment, but I plan to do more of it when time allows.

Check back here or with UCLA Extension to see if/when I’m teaching again.

In the meantime, here’s what some of my students had to say:

“This course is the best that I have taken.”

“…More courses like this, and teachers like Kessler.”

“…Very positive; he believes in students’ potential and is a motivator.”

“This is the best class I’ve taken in the [UCLA Ext.] journalism program! I feel like I’ve made huge strides just in these 10 weeks. This class is the perfect blend of writing development and practical suggestions for pitching and launching your career

“We got to discuss the story process with so many accomplished writers…”

“Very accessible and supportive.”

“Mike is an amazing teacher, incredibly passionate and helpful. I’ve never had a teacher go out of his way so much to help give extra input, reading suggestions, and instructions above and beyond what was required for class.”

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