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Hello, and thanks for visiting. I’m an independent reporter, writer, and editor with 26 years of experience in print and web, and, more recently, significant experience in radio, podcast, and television journalism. 

Recent Work

I'm the host, co-reporter, and co-writer of the podcast The Running Man, from ESPN (with Neon Hum), which details the 14-month-long investigation I did with ESPN that triggered the arrest of, and multiple felony charges against, Conrad Avondale Mainwaring, a former Olympian and alleged serial sexual predator. Mainwaring is currently in jail in Massachusetts as his case moves through the courts. The television version about Mainwaring's 

four-plus decades of alleged abuse, also reported with ESPN's investigative unit, won an Emmy in 2020 for Outstanding Sports Journalism, and the web version (with Mark Fainaru-Wada) is anthologized in Best American Sports Writing 2020, where my work has twice appeared on the Notable list.

More About Me

I'm a two-time finalist for the National Magazine Award (2008, 2012) whose reporting and writing have appeared in Outside, Wired, GQ, the New York Times Magazine, Denver's 5280 magazine, Los Angeles magazine (where I was contributing writer for several years), and many other publications large and small. You can use the menu to your left to see selected work. 


People often ask me what kinds of articles I write. The answer is, “all kinds.” I’m a generalist, not a specialist. I do not have a beat. For the last 15 years or so, I’ve mostly been writing and editing deeply reported, long-form articles, but I also write, or have written, the occasional essay, and a lot of “service journalism” pieces or packages. While many of my stories require a long “bake time” (several months, and sometimes a year or more), I also turn around quicker stories that take anywhere from one day to two weeks to report and write. 

I’ve written about crime and criminal justice, sexual abuse in sports, gun violence, health and fitness, nuclear-weapons workers, immigration and the border, urban wildlife,  business, drug policy, travel, adventure sports, yoga, illegal cannabis farming, and a range of people who do, or have done, interesting things. I’ve interviewed gun violence and sex trafficking victims in San Bernardino and South L.A., traced the movements of an alleged sexual predator on two continents, tracked cougars in the Santa Monica Mountains, trekked with llamas in the Sierra Nevada mountains, listened to music in near-silence with one of the greatest-ever record producers, trained in a swimming pool with federal law enforcement agents, and cruised in a red Cadillac with a special-needs peacock named Radagast.

My favorite stories to report, write, and edit usually have to do with matters of public interest. Subjects tell me I’m a good listener. Editors and readers say I’m good at making complicated stuff easy to read without dumbing it down, but my work can also be as fun and funny as it is serious and important.


I live in Los Angeles. Maybe we can work together.


(Photograph courtesy of Michael Darter)

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